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David Bowie in The Hunger (1983) [25 May 2012|01:35am]


David Bowie as a vampire (and Bauhaus in a great opening sequence) in cult classic The Hunger.


The Hunger David Bowie VampireBauhaus Hunger 013
The Hunger Poster 005The Hunger Catherine Deneuve 002-001
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David Bowie / Mick Jagger roleplay [03 Aug 2011|02:29am]


Hey all! I’ve been trying to find somebody to do a David Bowie/Mick Jagger slash roleplay with me and I figured this would be the best place to post an ad. (For those of you who don’t know what roleplaying is, it’s basically writing a story back and forth where one person writes for one  character from a pairing and the other person writes for the other character of a pairing). So yeah, I hope this is allowed on this comm (I looked at the rules and it said nothing exactly against it) but if it isn't mods feel free to delete. To make things more relevant…here’s some vaguely-slashy Bowie and Mick eye candy!


Also, under the cut is more details about my roleplaying preferences (such as where I like to roleplay, etc)—check it out!


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[14 Jun 2011|10:19pm]

Hello my dears! I just wanted to plug a Beatles-related community of mine here, see if some of you might be interested.
(xposted, sorry!)

Click on the picture to enter!

Nothing Is Real is a Beatles role play community! It partly deals with mature themes, which is why we are friends only, but you can of course join just to read the threads. We are open to gen, het and slash. AUs are accepted, but not original characters. The game is mostly centred around the Beatles but any character even loosely connected with the 60s or 70s art scene is welcome, really. We would LOVE to have a Bowie around!

It's a 'no strings attached' sort of role play which basically means that you can apply for as many characters as you want, Beatles, Beatles wives or friends and there can be as many players as we want, even for the same characters. You can also choose your time and space span, build it up through several threads or jump from one thing to the other freely. It fact it isn't a well-built rp as much as a den, a place for you to meet other role players and start threads freely with the ones you like.

If you are interested in role playing in the Beatles universe, don't be scared to have a look around at the rules and introduction posts, an PM me if you have any questions! Role playing is pretty much like reading/writing fan-fiction, except that you do it with one or several other people, which is always good fun, unexpected and stimulating. Hoping to see you around!
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Old Story, New Post [27 Jun 2010|02:32am]

Realised I never posted this fic to BowieSlash, so here it is.

Title: Charming, But Insane
Pairing: David Bowie and Iggy Pop
Rating: NC-17 (not for wimps)
Teaser: Iggy decides to pay David a visit while they're both in L.A., attracting the attention of the cops in the process! Shenanigans ensue...

Read it at my journal
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Fan comic [05 Mar 2010|04:35am]

[ mood | quiet ]

David Bowie/Iggy Pop

(See it)

[fake cut to my journal]

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Shades of Red and Gold [25 Sep 2008|05:02am]

Title: Shades of Red and Gold
Author: Why, that would be me, maryjanewalrus
Rating: Explicit.
Summary: The Man Who Sold the World (aka Zane) is lounging one pleasant spring afternoon when he receives an unexpected visit from an otherworldly Ziggy Stardust.

Author's Note: This is my first real attempt at slash, so I hope you folks enjoy it, and please forgive me if it's a little creaky. Comments are very much appreciated! -- And as per the legal jazz, no I do not own David Bowie; no I do not own any of his creations such as Ziggy Stardust or The Man Who Sold the World; this is an entirely fictional story with nothing based on fact, so if there's any similarities to real space-people, alive or vaporized, it is purely coincidental; I get no money from this story, I just do it to amuse other Bowie slash groupies. I think that about covers it. Now on with the porn!

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[10 Jul 2008|03:09pm]

Title: Salvation
Author: so_pseudogoth
Pairing: Bowie / Iggy Pop (Explicit)
Author's Note: I don't own, don't know, and I do this for fun, definitely not any money made. Please read and review. Thanks!

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[09 Jul 2008|12:15pm]

Just wondering, is it okay to post slash based on fictional Bowie personas here? I have a Labyrinth slash-fic I'm working on that I'm pretty proud of, and it's getting little to no feedback from the Labyrinth comms (which are all like 85% dead), so I would love to post it here, but if the preferred slash outlet is true-life Bowie instead of Jareth then I won't. :)
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[08 Jul 2008|05:41pm]

[ mood | working ]

Hey my name is Hannah, just wanted to say hello and tell you that I plan to write a David Bowie/ Brian Molko story myself.
You'll notice when I've finished it ;)

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Leading the blind [29 Nov 2007|05:50pm]

Why hello. :) My name is Lily, and I believe our mod knows me from another fandom. (Fancy meeting you here!)

I've done one or two pieces of Bowie art, and wrote this little polaroid, because goddamn, there just isn't enough Bowie/Pop slash happening. It has precedent! It's canon! Why aren't more of us rolling around in it?

Enjoy, and hopefully this will push a few of you into more Bowie/Pop slash of your own, so I won't have to keep it up. :)

Title: Leading The Blind
Rating: call it M for mature
Pairing: David Bowie/Iggy Pop (who shall heretofore be referred to by his Christian name)
Notes: Any historical abberrations are because I'm too lazy for anything more than Wikipedia. But it's short and sweet.

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Zig-tastic [26 Jul 2007|03:20am]

[ mood | satisfied ]

Title: Manipulation

Characters: Ziggy and his Spiders
Rating: G (lol, sign of the apocalypse)
Teaser: His band members are planning something, but Ziggy Stardust is master of the art of deception.

(Read me!)
[fake cut]

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His Favorite Memory Of Bowie [12 Jul 2007|02:43pm]

Title: His Favorite Memory Of Bowie Was In Berlin in The Snow
Rating: Pg-13ish
Pairing: Bowie/Iggy
Summery: A recollection of a long past memory
Legal BS: Yes, it did happen and I have it all on tape, along with bigfoot playing poker with nessie... no I don't, I don't own em, don't sue me.
Notes: Written for Ziggythewalrus of Glitter Trash Slash ( http://community.livejournal.com/ficofthemonth/profile )

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Glitter Trash Prompts [06 Mar 2007|12:41pm]

Glitter Trash Slash Co-Op prompts for the week!

Do anything you want art/fic/photos/videos/whatever you want based on however many you want of the following:
Vintage Shopping
Safety pins
The Sea
Back Alleys
The Velvet Underground
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Glitter Trash Prompts [01 Mar 2007|01:18pm]

Glitter Trash prompts for the week!

Do anything you want art/fic/photos/videos/whatever you want based on however many you want of the following:
Street Lights
Fairy Tales
Doc Martins
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Glitter Trash Prompts [19 Feb 2007|11:50am]

Glitter Trash prompts for the week!
Nail Polish
bubble bath
On Stage
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Just thought I'd Share This [12 Feb 2007|01:58am]

It's the prompts list for my community (glitter trash slash co-op Link: http://community.livejournal.com/ficofthemonth/) so er yes, write a drabble if you want, but please share it with us, we need more active members
Do anything you want art/fic/photos/videos/whatever you want based on any or all of the following:
Manic Panic
Polaroid photos
Broken things
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A Modest Proposal [14 Jan 2007|10:58pm]

Ok so I posted this on bowie_barea on January 4th. But decided to post it here as well after seeing the last post. It’s David Bowie/Brian Molko (the lead singer of Placebo) there are pictures of them behind the cut if you don’t know who this Angelic Whore is.

The fic is mostly Placebo centered. So. If you want JUST SEX, go to chapter 6. If you want the BUILD UP TO SEX, start with chapter 5. If you want to start with where David comes in go to chapter 2, and if you care about placebo, and poor Brian’s emotional dilemmas, start at chapter 1 :D

As stated on bowie_barea due to lack of experience in this type of sex for obvious reasons, I apologize if my slash sex is not to your liking.

Title: A Modest Proposal
Chapter: 1-6
Rating: This fic includes sexual intercourse and other gratuitous acts.
Pairing: Brian Molko/David Bowie
Summary: Set during 1998, the story behind David’s duet with Brian Molko in the song Without You I’m Nothing
Disclaimer: Sadly, I’ve never met, spoken with, or shagged Bowie or any of the members of Placebo. Any other characters beyond them belong to me Mwahahahahahahahah*cough*hahahaha

And many thanks to meh lovely beta dist_reflection

Links to previous chapters behind the cut.

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Jareth Slash... [14 Jan 2007|11:12pm]

Sixty Nine Lessons For Sebastian Roth

Jareth/OMC (played in my head by brian molko) sixty nine kinky little ficlets as my gift to you... enjoy
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Always took candy from strangers... [20 Jul 2006|12:42am]

[ mood | naughty ]


Title: The Dame and the Dog - A Fairy Tale Re-Written
Rating: NC-17 (non-consensual sex, horror, gore, language)
Characters: Zane (TMWSTW), Halloween Jack, Ken Pitt, Hilda (original character)
Teaser: Zane makes a new friend on his way to visit someone and learns a hard lesson in talking to strangers...

Ye Morbid and Perverse, Enter Here
(fake cut & cross-posted like mad)

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[17 Jun 2006|07:48pm]

Just a little ficlet I wrote for my friend when I was supposed to be concentrating in Fashion class.. The pairing isn't David Bowie/Brian Slade, it's Maxwell Demon/Ziggy Stardust, as if Bowie and Slade do not exist.

Title: Captain Of My Gravity
Summary: Ziggy Stardust and Maxwell Demon say goodbye. Ziggy's got a horrible little secret.
Pairing: Ziggy Stardust/Maxwell Demon
Words: aprx. 400
A/N: It's been a couple months since I've seen VG, shocking I know! So if there is anything wrong don't feel shy to point it out!

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