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David Bowie / Mick Jagger roleplay

Hey all! I’ve been trying to find somebody to do a David Bowie/Mick Jagger slash roleplay with me and I figured this would be the best place to post an ad. (For those of you who don’t know what roleplaying is, it’s basically writing a story back and forth where one person writes for one  character from a pairing and the other person writes for the other character of a pairing). So yeah, I hope this is allowed on this comm (I looked at the rules and it said nothing exactly against it) but if it isn't mods feel free to delete. To make things more relevant…here’s some vaguely-slashy Bowie and Mick eye candy!


Also, under the cut is more details about my roleplaying preferences (such as where I like to roleplay, etc)—check it out!



I’ll do this as a form to make it easier to read-

Where I roleplay: usually over e-mail although I can also roleplay over anything else non-instant without a character limit, such as a private forum, certain PMing systems, etc. I’m more than happy to plan/plot/chat over IM but I don’t roleplay over that, sorry. Also, if it matters, my timezone is EST.

The actual roleplay: For the most part I would rather write for David Bowie. It’s not quite set in stone, but I’d still really like to write for him. And the pairing I’m interested in is Bowie/Jagger. As for the plot of the roleplay and all—I love to brainstorm so I’m sure we can work a plot out!

General roleplay stuff: I love drama, action, humor and romance in a roleplay. I also love things to be epic so darkness and angst is more than welcome. As for plotting I love to brainstorm with my roleplay partner :) I’m good with coming up with ideas as well as taking on other people’s ideas. Also, I am into romance so....keep that in mind! Smut is absolutely required. A roleplay can have both an interesting plot as well as hot action. ‘Nuff said. And longer replies are a must because I enjoy description and knowing specifically how the characters are thinking and feeling. Makes things more dramatic and interesting! But really: I'll love you if you give me decent and juicy replies :D And by that I mean several paragraphs. It’s more fun that way :O

If you're interested, comment here or send me a message!


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