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Just a little ficlet I wrote for my friend when I was supposed to be concentrating in Fashion class.. The pairing isn't David Bowie/Brian Slade, it's Maxwell Demon/Ziggy Stardust, as if Bowie and Slade do not exist.

Title: Captain Of My Gravity
Summary: Ziggy Stardust and Maxwell Demon say goodbye. Ziggy's got a horrible little secret.
Pairing: Ziggy Stardust/Maxwell Demon
Words: aprx. 400
A/N: It's been a couple months since I've seen VG, shocking I know! So if there is anything wrong don't feel shy to point it out!

“You know that you are the captain of my gravity,” I whispered. He looked more than amazing with his vibrant blue hair swaying in the Earth wind, and his full lips in a childish pout. His high cheekbones were coloured the perfect shade of pink as he silently studied me with his eyes.

“Are you sure you have to leave so soon?” He asked me, his voice was calm and steady, but I could see in his eyes that he was pleading silently, begging me to stay.

“I can’t, Maxwell, I’m finished here.” I turned my back on his expressionless face to begin the long hike to my secluded space ship. His strong grip on my elbow stopped me.

“Don’t go,” he whispered so quietly that it was barely audible. His face, normally void of expression, was painted with emotion. “Ziggy, please don’t go.”

I nearly melted. Those piercing blue eyes were swimming with hurt; I hated to see him in that state. “Max,” I said and gently broke my elbow free of his grip. “Don’t make it harder than it already is.”

Max only sniffed in reply.

“I’ll visit you,” I reassured him. “I only have to stay on Mars for a couple cycles. You’ll be on Earth, won’t you?”

Max nodded. “Fine,” he said in defeat. “I’ll be waiting for you.”

A smirk came across my face. “You better be. Or else I’ll have to press my ray gun to your head pretty little head when I find you.”

He laughed, then cupped my face in his hands and kissed me. His fingers ran wildly through my fluffy, red hair. I roughly pressing my lips harder against his and let his tongue explore every inch of my mouth as if it were it’s first time inside.

I nibbled on his bottom lip before he laughed again. “I sure am going to miss doing that every day,” he said, with a note of sadness hidden in his false cheerful voice.

“So am I.” I turned to leave. “Wait for me, love. I’ll come back soon,” I called over my shoulder.

I hated lying to him but I did not want to break his heart. Horrible reasoning, I know.

He would wait for me, always, but I would never return.

Maxwell Demon was my one and only Rock N’ Roll suicide – the fall of Ziggy Stardust.

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