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bowieslash's Journal

Bowie Slash
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Welcome to bowieslash, the one and hopefully only LJ community dedicated to slashing one of the slashiest men alive. Please feel free to join and post anything Bowie slash related, be it fanfiction, artwork, pictures or just thoughts. Before you join, please read the rules.

1. You must be a David Bowie fan. Otherwise, why would you join?
2. All fanfiction must be slash. Het will be deleted.
3. All fanfiction must be posted behind an LJ cut, regardless of length. Same goes for pictures.
4. No arguing/flaming. Constructive criticism is one thing, being a bitch is another. Repeat offenders will be banned.
5. No promoting. If you want to be affiliates please contact me and I'll post a link in the community's userinfo.

Your mod: heraliceeyes. Any questions, please contact me at alice @ late-december.net, or leave me a comment in my journal.