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A Modest Proposal

Ok so I posted this on bowie_barea on January 4th. But decided to post it here as well after seeing the last post. It’s David Bowie/Brian Molko (the lead singer of Placebo) there are pictures of them behind the cut if you don’t know who this Angelic Whore is.

The fic is mostly Placebo centered. So. If you want JUST SEX, go to chapter 6. If you want the BUILD UP TO SEX, start with chapter 5. If you want to start with where David comes in go to chapter 2, and if you care about placebo, and poor Brian’s emotional dilemmas, start at chapter 1 :D

As stated on bowie_barea due to lack of experience in this type of sex for obvious reasons, I apologize if my slash sex is not to your liking.

Title: A Modest Proposal
Chapter: 1-6
Rating: This fic includes sexual intercourse and other gratuitous acts.
Pairing: Brian Molko/David Bowie
Summary: Set during 1998, the story behind David’s duet with Brian Molko in the song Without You I’m Nothing
Disclaimer: Sadly, I’ve never met, spoken with, or shagged Bowie or any of the members of Placebo. Any other characters beyond them belong to me Mwahahahahahahahah*cough*hahahaha

And many thanks to meh lovely beta dist_reflection

Links to previous chapters behind the cut.

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Chapter 1: http://vanity-goddess.livejournal.com/795.html#cutid1
Chapter 2: http://vanity-goddess.livejournal.com/1039.html#cutid1
Chapter 3: http://vanity-goddess.livejournal.com/2172.html#cutid1
Chapter 4: http://vanity-goddess.livejournal.com/2487.html#cutid1
Chapter 5: http://vanity-goddess.livejournal.com/2747.html#cutid1


David lay back on the couch, and tugged Brian down on top of him. Brian settled his head on David’s chest as the older man ran his hand through Brian’s soft feathery hair. His other hand, now lacking its usual gold band, roamed down Brian’s back, slipping beneath the tight trousers to cup the small ass. Brian moaned softly, letting his own hands wander up under David’s shirt while David pulled him closer for another kiss. Brian settled his legs down on either side of the man beneath him, grinding his crotch against his. David inhaled sharply and lifted his hips, trying to get closer to Brian. His fingers scraped against Brian’s back, and Brian gasped with pleasure.

Brian slithered down David’s chest, and set to work on undoing the buckle on his pants. The Rock idol’s head lolled against the couch, his breathing speeding up as Brian pulled the belt out from its loop. He undid the snap and unzipped the pants. “I’m sorry now I didn’t bring Bitch.” Brian said teasingly. David moved his head so that he was looking at Brian.

“And why is that?”

“A wise man once sang: With my guitar we can give you sweet head.” David laughed.

“That’s alright. All I need right now is my Angelic Whore” He quipped back. Brian grinned sweetly and pulled David’s pants down.

“What no Rubber Peacock?” He averted his eyes from David’s face and groaned adoringly. He lowered his head again and nuzzled David’s crotch, breathing in the heady scent that was uniquely David Bowie. David released a low growl, sending thrills of excitement through Brian. Tentatively, Brian licked the length of David’s cock, feeling the man jerk beneath him. That reaction was enough for Brian. After sucking gently on his cock-head, Brian took David fully in his mouth, tasting the pre-cum. His cool fingers then moved to caress David’s balls, eliciting a loud moan from the prone man.

A struggling musician and heroin addict knows many ways of advancing himself in the world. For Brian, his way was a well-timed blowjob. While initially disgusted by the task, Brian had somehow begun to appreciate the ‘art’ as he had come to term it. He knew just how to tell what was most affecting the man he was sucking off. He also knew how to extract his own enjoyment from pleasuring others. Brian closed his eyes, swirling his tongue around David’s head, letting his teeth ever so slightly graze against his length. The man’s moans went straight to Brian’s own cock. David’s hands gripped Brian’s shoulders tightly, the pain of his nails causing Brian’s cock to twitch in its trouser confines.

Brian groaned, the vibrations of his mouth sending David over the edge. He jolted his hips upwards causing Brian to deep-throat him. Brian’s hand snaked up David’s leg, settling on the jutting hipbone. He continued to suck him vigorously, and David had to bite down hard to remain moderately silent. He thrust his hips upwards in a continuous motion, fucking Brian’s mouth.

“Fuck.” David gasped. “Oh fucking hell!” Brian grinned against him, and then devilishly pulled away. David let out a tiny whimper. “Brian!” He whispered in need.

“Aw, don’t worry, love.” Brian said sweetly, giving David’s cock a small caress with his delicate fingers. “I don’t want you coming just yet.” David gazed at him through lust-hazed eyes.

“Bed?” David managed. Brian grinned.

“Sounds like a plan.”


Stefan opened the door, key in hand, and stepped inside. “Lyon?” The Frenchman appeared in the doorway to the living room.

“Stefan, Mon petit.” He said sympathetically. Once upon a time, this ironic nickname had made Stefan laugh. But now, it only made him break down. In four quick strides, Lyon was standing next to him, wrapping his arms around him. At five-foot eleven, Lyon was about half a foot shorter than Stefan, but for some reason, Stefan always felt like the short one. “Il sera bien, Mon amour.” Lyon whispered soothingly. Stefan shook his head, clutching at Lyon as if they might be torn apart any second.

“I’m a fool, Lyon.” He managed, his voice cracking. “I’ve given up my life waiting for someone who can never love me.”

“You will never know this if you do not tell to him, Stefan.” Lyon said gently in his thick accent, pulling back, and examining his ex-boyfriend. He reached up and wiped away the tears with his thumb. “You sleep with me tonight, non?” Stefan sniffed. “No love making. I will just hold you.” Stefan blinked back more tears.

“I don’t deserve you, Lyon.” He croaked. Lyon smiled sadly.

“Non, Mon Petit. It is Brian who does not deserve you.”


Brian teetered on the edge of the bed as David hooked one arm around his legs, pulling down his trousers. Brian giggled as David’s hand reached up to fondle him. “No underwear?” David teased, his eyes glittering. Brian put his hands on his hips.

“Makes it harder to get my attention.” He retorted. David laughed at this, eyeing his erection.

“Well I seem to have gotten your attention now anyhow.” Brian lifted his ankles, kicking the pants off the luxurious bed. He yelped in surprise as David pulled his legs out from underneath him, and toppled over in a whirl of arms and legs. With fly-away hair and legs askew, Brian landed on top of David.

“Good.” Brian chirped happily. “I like being on top.”

“Oh no you don’t.” Brian stuck his tongue out.

“Too late!” He said triumphantly.

In one swift movement David entwined his legs with the delicate pale calves and flipped him over so that Brian was beneath him. Brian merely gaped.

“How--?” David smirked, holding him down with his arms and knees.

“Plenty of practice.” He replied. “After all, I have twenty-seven years of fucking that you don’t.”

“Not fair!” Brian complained, squirming beneath the bigger man’s weight.

“Oh I think it plenty fair.” David said happily, before leaning down and crushing his lips in a bruising kiss. Brian’s movements became feeble as David’s hands stroked his chest and erection simultaneously in rhythm with his tongue. “Still think I’m being unfair?” David smirked. Brian nodded weakly.


“How unfortunate for you.” David pressed his erection into Brian’s, causing the small singer to whine loudly with lust.

“Bastard.” Brian gasped. David merely grinned. Carefully holding Brian down on the bed without chance of escape, David leaned over to the bedside table and snatched at the condom and tube of lubrication (having made sure he had located some before Brian’s arrival). Brian wriggled beneath him, but it was only in attempt to keep in contact with David’s burning erection. He sighed contentedly as David resumed his original position, erection throbbing happily against Brian’s. Pinning Brian with his knees, David ripped open the condom and let it fall on Brian’s chest.

“Be a love, and help us out, would you?” David grinned mischievously. Brian stuck his tongue out but snatched at the condom eagerly. He reached down and after smearing his fingers teasingly through the pre-cum, began to roll the condom down over David’s cock. David released his breath in a low hiss as Brian teasingly brought his damp fingers up to his faintly glossed lips. The smaller man let his eyes close as his tongue darted out to lick his fingers. David emitted a low growl. Returning his brain to the task at hand…or the cock at hand, Brian removed the lube from David’s clenched fist and squeezed some into his own pale hand. He glanced at David before starting to rub the freezing gel on the man’s searing cock. David jumped at the contact, fighting to keep from coming right then and there.

His fingers swiped at the remaining lube in Brian’s hand and then reached down between the two of them, massaging Brian’s entrance with the gel. Brian bucked his hips, his head falling back onto the pillow. Trickles of sweat ran down his face, his eyes clenched shut, as David pressed his finger in, up to the second knuckle. “Nngh.” Brian gurgled, clutching at the satin sheets. David would have chuckled, but his throat was choked with desire at the sight of Brian lying naked beneath him. He could feel his rock hard cock. He could feel the way Brian trembled with his own desire and need. He could feel the way his effeminately built body stretched to allow his second finger. And then his third. Brian bit down on his lip, his hair lying damp across his face. He was near his bursting point and David had barely started. David’s cock twitched urgently in reaction to the beautiful sight before him as his fingers continued to press inside of him, stretching him, massaging him.

“Enough David!” Brian demanded in a shaky voice. “Fuck me!” David shivered in anticipation, as he withdrew his fingers and guided his more than ready cock to Brian’s entrance. It had been twenty-five years since he had last fucked a man, but that didn’t seem to matter now. Brian spread his thighs, his eyes hooded and flickering with yearning.

“How do you want it?” David rasped out. “Slow or fast?”

“Fuck me as hard as you can.” Brian said, his voice trembling. David hesitated only a minute as his eyes took in Brian’s miniature stature, but within seconds his cock took control over his brain. He drove into Brian, letting him adjust only for seconds before he slid out and rushed back in again. Brian’s eyes watered, and a tear rolled down his cheek to mingle with sweat. He threw his head back, panting, driving his hips up to meet David’s. “Harder.” He shouted. David rammed into Brian, causing him to whimper. “Oh god!” His voice was barely audible now. “Oh fuck!” Sweat was running down David’s body as he thrust into Brian’s fragile body. Brian screamed as David hit his prostrate, causing David’s entire body to tingle, as he rocked back in violently, wanting to hit that spot again and again. “Fuck me!” Brian was gasping uncontrollably, his back arching off the bed at an impossible angle.

Having forgotten Brian’s own erection in the interim, David grabbed him and began to viciously jerk him off in a completely different rhythm. Poor Brian. David thought vaguely. The singer was trying in vain to move in time with both rhythms, but was only exhausting himself. Sweat was pouring down both of their bodies and mixing together against Brian’s stomach. Releasing his grip on Brian’s cock, David brought his hand to the spot where his cock was joined with Brian. His eyelids fluttered dangerously as he caressed both himself and Brian in one sweep of his finger.

Grabbing Brian’s legs, he hoisted them up so that his feet were resting on David’s shoulders and drove into Brian even harder than before. Brian let out a series of high-pitched keening sounds, unable to keep his eyes open. David kept up his pounding rhythm, his eyes fixed on Brian’s beautiful face. Feeling his body shiver with exhaustion, David swung his hips back against Brian once more as hard as he could, hitting his prostrate. He came harder than he had ever come in all fifty-one years of his life. Brian came spontaneously several seconds after, from the sheer impact alone. David released a howl as his orgasm ripped through him, and then fell against Brian in a snarl of limbs.

Neither was able to speak for several minutes. David allowed his head to fall back against the headboard of the bed, breathing heavily. Finally, Brian mustered the strength to wriggle his way out from underneath David. For one terrible moment, David thought he was getting up to leave, but Brian merely burrowed into the crook of David’s arm and was fast asleep within minutes.


Somewhere, in an apartment on the other side of London, Stefan Olsdal cried himself to sleep within the comforting embrace of a man who he had desperately tried to love…but had failed.

Author’s note: Yeah I know that first convo between David and Brian is cheesy, but I had to add it in! In case you’re lost, the italics are from the song Sweet Head. If you haven’t heard it and want to, tell me and I’ll upload it for you. It truly is brilliance embodied :D Oh and if my French is off, forgive me.
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